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Garrard County High School
YCC Student Highlight of the Month!

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Academy Teacher | Angela Fielder
School Mentor | Cheryl Hooper
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May 2015 | Ethan Lamb

GCHS is proud to introduce Ethan Lamb as the YCC Student of the month for May.  Ethan is a 9th grade student, and member of the Fellowship of Christian Athletes, Student Leadership Team, and Golden Lion Baseball Team.  He currently has a 4.3 GPA.  Ethan is enrolled in advanced placement courses and excels in challenging activities.  In his free time, Ethan enjoys reading and being of service to others through his church and various organizations. Ethan's desire to make the world a better place makes him an excellent addition to the YCC Engineering Program.

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April 2015 | Dustin Butner

GCHS is proud to introduce Dustin Butner as the April YCC Student of the Month.  Dustin is an honors student, along with being a member of Fellowship of Christian Athletes, and the Golden Lion Football team. Dustin sets an excellent example for others, and is an integral part of the YCC Engineering Program. 

March 2015 | Trevor Jones

Youth Career Connect is a grant opportunity for Garrard Co. High School students to engage themselves in curricular based learning for jobs in demand within the Commonwealth of Kentucky and the U.S. Of the 41 enrolled students, Trevor Jones is the spotlighted student for the month of March. Trevor holds close to a 4.0 GPA and is active in school clubs such as the Engineering Club and athletic teams at Garrard Co. High School. Trevor is known as a great student and person and has a great rapport with teachers and his fellow peers. Trevor plans to look into athletic training as a profession when completing high school and college. Trevor is very interested in the medical science and biomedical programs GCHS will be offering with PLTW in the near future. Trevor is consistently on the Honor Roll at GCHS and is also a standout academic performer in his classes. YCC congratulates Trevor Jones on this great accomplishment.

February 2015 | Savannah Marcum

Savannah Marcum is February’s Featured YCC student. Savannah is an honors student, a member of the Engineering Club, FCA, Book Club, Gear Up Leadership Team, and Iyada. In her free time, Savannah enjoys participating in live theater with the GCHS Drama Club. Her hobbies include reading, hiking and spending time with her church family.  Savannah's diverse interests, along with her creative mindset make her an excellent addition to the GCHS YCC program.

January 2015 | Jareth Davis

Jareth Davis-YCC Student of the Month January 2015 | Jareth Davis is a sophomore at GCHS and is actively enrolled and participating in the PLTW classes for Engineering. Jareth is an honor roll student and is a very good role model for his peers to look up to. Jareth plans to attend a university and pursue a degree in Engineering or manufacturing management. Jareth is currently on the school’s football team and was a key component to the school first district championship in the past 4 years. YCC congratulated Jareth Davis for being selected as the YCC Student of the Month for January.

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December 2014 | Dylan Mullins

Dylan Mullins is December’s Featured YCC student.  Dylan is an honor roll student, a member of the Engineering Club, and cross country runner for GCHS. In his free time, Dylan races dirt bikes at various tracks within KY, TN, IN and Ohio.  Dylan also enjoys building and maintaining the engines for his bikes.   His hobbies include sketching and making various forms of art.  Dylan's creative mindset, along with his keen problem solving skills make him an excellent addition to the GCHS YCC program.

November 2014 | Morgan Miracle

Morgan Miracle is November’s Featured YCC student.  Morgan is currently a freshman at GCHS and holds a 4.35 GPA after the first trimester.  Morgan enjoys English and History, but also finds the Engineering field as a passion to follow.  Morgan is well rounded in the core subject areas and is very strong academically.  Morgan is currently part of GCHS Political Club, Gear-Up Leadership, FBLA, and FCA.  Garrard Co. is proud to nominate Morgan Miracle as November’s YCC Featured Student.

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October 2014 | Andrew Delili 

Andrew Delili is this month’s spotlight YCC student. Andrew is an exceptional student with lots of drive to achieve academic success. Andrew is one of the top student’s academically in his class. Andrew is currently enrolled in our PLTW class at GCHS in Engineering. Andrew enjoys hands on learning in Mr. Taylor’s class. The 3D printer is also an awesome aspect to Mr. Taylor’s class that Andrew finds interesting. Andrew is also currently a baseball player on the school’s varsity team. GCHS is proud to nominate Andrew as the spotlight student for October.

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September 2014 | Parker Dailey

Parker Dailey is a sophomore at GCHS and is currently enrolled in Mr. Taylor’s Drafting Engineering class at the ATC this year. Parker enjoys the challenge of Mr. Taylor’s class and plans to pursue a degree in Engineering after graduation. Parker says he really likes how Mr. Taylor gives the students problems in the form of questions and the students use the technology within the room to produce an outcome. Parker feels inspired by using the YCC program. Parker also is consistently on the Honor Roll at GCHS. Parker is also a member of the boys basketball team.

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